Tash Haynes



About Tash

Tash is a professional photographer & blogger based out of Seattle, WA.   With over 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship world as a small business owner, speaker and coach and a Master’s in Public Action from the University of Washington, Tash’s platform exists to inspire the beginning entrepreneur, the working or stay-at-home mom and every woman in between.  

Tash helps women take a leap with their dreams, whether it’s starting a family, a business or quitting something to live life on their terms, she models that the life they hope for is both possible and attainable and that they CAN have their cake and eat it too. You can be a wife. You can be a mom. You can travel the world. You can pursue your dreams. You CAN have it all (mostly). 

Motherhood, Faith and Family are her topics of choice and in her spare time she enjoys writing, picnics, tea parties and catching flights around the world to escape the rain showers of the Pacific Northwest, with her husband and two daughters, Wisdom and Courage, and finding ways to connect with her Haitian culture.

Visit https://ikeandtash.com/